Demo privacy agreement, data managment

Thanks for everything, the demo version already works better than the Zoom and Skype together.
But I could not find how the demo version handles privacy. Where is the data stored, is it encrypted,…etc.
I want to use it for a non commercial online meeting would be happy to know that.
Sorry for the noob question but a short announcement when opening a room would add some transparency.
Thanks in advance

If you are gonna use it very ofter, please deploy your own server. The demo server is not supposed to be stable nor it’s supposed to be for common usage (our cloud provider may stop our server due to too much network traffic, etc).

There is no data stored at all (other than some logs we use to debug mediasoup behavior/issues) and all the communication is encrypted (secure WebSocket and WebRTC).

Thanks for the quick answer, I would use it twice a week for half an hour and report bugs here.
Is that to much?

It’s ok.