Little problems with official sample


I’m new here. Forgive me, if this as already been asked anywhere.

I cloned the demo app GitHub - versatica/mediasoup-demo: mediasoup official demo application and managed to make it run on an Ubuntu 20.04 VM.

Small issues:

  1. There is a warning in the app (“playsInline” not allowed for audio) - removed it from the JSX
  2. Gulp is complaining about the “package.json” requirement - changed it.

I then had problems with when starting with audio: The browser complained about a DOMException for audio play, because “it was called while loaded”. For now I disabled audio in the server configuration.

But I cannot make video appear from one tab to the other in Chrome on MacOS Ventura latest. No warning in server console, no warning in app console, no warning in browser.

Just no remote video…

I have no issues with certificates or media API problems.

I just don’t see remote.

What could go wrong? What could I inspect?

EDIT: That being said: Of course also no video browser to browser. Firefox cannot even connect the socket… Safari does, but I only have the local video in both browser windows.

EDIT 2: The app on the web works…

EDIT 3: Well, there is no activity on all outbound-rtp channels in WebRTC internals. No wonder then…

This one works GitHub - pujaagarwal5263/Mediasoup: SFU communication using mediasoup

I know I’m not allowed to expect too much of help here. But is it opportun to expect an official sample app to run?

Is self-signed certificate a problem? No, nobody complains.
Is some weird media-permission thing a problem? Not to my knowledge, my local video appears.

But not at remote side…

Oh, embarrassing. One and the same idiot trapped twice with the same problem…

Of course, again… I’m getting old… Fixed