OpenSSL error: "unexpected message"

after consuming a producer with a client from a different client, connect is called as it should be, but I get a strange OpenSSL error. Maybe someone here can shed some light on this?

  mediasoup:WebRtcTransport connect() +43ms
  mediasoup:Channel[pid:24065] request() [method:transport.connect, id:13] +15ms
  mediasoup:Channel[pid:24065] request succeeded [method:transport.connect, id:13] +2ms
  mediasoup:ERROR:worker[pid:24065] RTC::DtlsTransport::CheckStatus() | OpenSSL error [desc:'SSL status: SSL_ERROR_SSL', error:'error:141A10F4:SSL routines:ossl_statem_client_read_transition:unexpected message'] +172ms

Absolutely no idea. Never seen it. I know that Firefox has (or had) some DTLS issues when connecting two PeerConnections to the same remote endpoint, but I don’t know which client/browser you are using.

Mh. I’m using Chromium. Is it possible that this is due to me not pausing the transports on the server when creating them?

Definitely no. Although you must do it, otherwise wrong things will happen due to browser bugs. It’s documented in the mediasoup website.