Resource allocation by plainTransport

Some posts here mentioned a number of about 500 producers possible per worker. Is there any estimation possible, by how many producers this number would decrease, if

  • 1 to N plainTransports are created for 1 to N of these 500 producers
  • a consumer is created locally for each of these plainTransports, consuming one of these 1 to N producers

I suppose this has some costs which might have an impact to the number of simultaneous producers per worker.

I’d ignore that and perform the tests yourself. Audio costs less than video and that test was performed with video and slight checks so that number can be very inaccurate put up against production environments. Not to mention server hardware/configurations.

Your best bet is to run a large test case and determine the increments. For instance if you perform a 1v1 test, that won’t necessarily mean it’ll climb linearly; there are start-up costs for iterations/etc.

Thanks for the comment. Let’s see.