The bandwidth is not stable

I’m facing bandwidth problem.
I tested my project and sometime I can send video at 5Mbps but after a while, it down to 500Kb. Please check the images : Imgur: The magic of the Internet

But when I check StreamYard, it’s kind of stable, about 2Mbps. Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Streamyard server is GG Cloud at US (lowa), my server at Singapore (GG Cloud) - that near by me than US.
What’s problem here ?
Thank you

You already answered the question - your server in Singapore is a problem because you’re far from it :man_shrugging:

No. I said that Singapore is near by me than US. I’m in Vietnam.

Networking doesn’t always follow geographic rules, so the answer remains. From networking point of view you must be closer or have better connectivity to the US. Or your provider doesn’t have reliable networking. Either way, none of that is related to mediasoup.

Ok. Thank you @nazar-pc . Just checking if mediasoup has any parameter that affect bandwidth that I can try. Or maybe because of GG Cloud setup that some one can point me out.

That sounds like if you expect a options.breakBandwidth = false parameter somewhere.

Not exactly. But I did try codecOptions.videoGoogleMinBitrate

You may insist in looking for some magic parameters in mediasoup, but the bandwidth you have does not depend on it.

These are up-to speeds, if you can deliver/receive it (and your server can fuel it) there should be no issues maintaining those rates however lots can affect this. Luckily if able to–recovery will occur even on disconnect states as long as the signalling/chat-server does not kick you off or you close connection too early.

So if you drop to 50KB/s where 500KB/s is your supposed optimal, you can expect this to return if capable some problems however if it takes too long! You can handle these issues with restarting ice, when you spot issues.

If you drop and no matter what can’t get it back up… (lol)
That’s a you issue generally (some server investigation required)