WebRTC transport not working on Chrome on the latest mediasoup libraries

Hi guys! Recently I’ve upgraded my app to the latest mediasoup libs worker(3.9.9) and
mediasoup-client(3.6.51) and I found that all webrtc transports got disconnected after several seconds in Chrome/Chromium 100.0.4896.75 (Ubuntu Linux). Firefox works well.

The same issue exist for https://v3demo.mediasoup.org for Chrome under Linux (windows not tested)
You will get in console:

mediasoup-client:Transport connection state changed to disconnected +5s
mediasoup-client:Transport connection state changed to disconnected +3ms

as well in chrome://webrtc-internals/

ICE connection state: new => checking => connected => disconnected
Connection state: new => connecting => disconnected => failed

Interesting that my app works well in chrome when it deployed on localhost. May be this issue caused by ip/networking/sdp misconfiguration.

Anyway the problem is reproducible by visiting v3demo.mediasoup.org please check this out.

I cannot reproduce this problem on a setup with one Win 10 and one Ubuntu 20.04 machines both running Chrome 100.0.4896.75

I can successfully connect both machines to the same room on v3demo.mediasoup.org and all works well.

I can reproduce it reliable from 2 different linux machines in different locations. All chrome extensions where disabled. Network is over NAT. What kind of diagnostic info should I provide?

And I can reproduce it both in Linux and Windows. At the same time, my application works ok with mediasoup 3.9.9 (without latest commits), mediasoup-client 3.6.51 and Chrome 100.0.4896.75. Here is what chrome://webrtc-internals show:

my app:

This issue seems to be related to blocking DPI software on Russian Network providers LOL Media doesn't work from Russia · Issue #11045 · jitsi/jitsi-meet · GitHub