A security concern regarding to signaling

Hi, I’m am new to both WebRTC and Mediasoup and there is a question in my mind regarding streaming security. Here’s the scenario;

Let’s say, I have a user streaming video and there are other users consuming that stream. By signaling, I closed a user’s transport/consumer and won’t allow the user to create transports/consumers on that router any more, with signaling.

Does previously received connection params allow a direct access to stream? Is it still possible for one to consume producer’s stream with previously received connection data even though there are no transport and consumer objects on the Mediasoup server?

No, it’s not possible at all.

@ibc Thank you, that was also my logical conclusion but I don’t know much about what’s going on under the hood. Like they say, better safe than sorry. (:

Once you close a Consumer (or it’s while Transport) in mediasoup server side, there is absolutely no way for the remote endpoint to get the Producer’s stream/track.