After custom signalling, remote peers not able to consume/produce to mediasoup server running locally

Hi, I have a mediasoup-server running on my local machine
I have built a custom library to facilitate signalling through hole-punched network wherein a remote peer can signal to mediasoup-server running locally on my machine
As I can see that, I have all the transports opened
Producers and Consumers are being created as expected
But unfortunately they are not able to produce/consume
Is it because mediasoup cannot function behind NAT ? Or am I missing something over here ?

Here is my chrome://webrtc-internals where you can see that the inbound/outbound is empty
Where as when I connect 2 peers locally within my system, everything seems to be working fine
Is there a condition like we need a Non-NAT ip to get mediasoup to function correctly for remote peers ?

No, unless you redirect ports. Explained in the docs and in the FAQ in the website.

Is it because mediasoup implements ICE Lite ?
Is there a way in which we can initiate ICE Connections in a mediasoup-server ?

@ibc is it possible to disable ICE-Lite or have Mediasoup mediaserver configured with custom STUN/TURN ? How can one inititate a connection with a mediasoup ms running behind NAT without the going through the confusing process of having to open ports/do portforwarding ?

No, it’s not possible. mediasoup is ICE-Lite and must run with public IPs or port redirection. The docs clearly say it.