Android client library release


I created a client library for mediasoup for Android.

This library does not use libmediasoupclient, calls the API of libwebrtc.

Currently, I implemented functions except for statistics and testing, some validation.


It looks to me that it copies libmediasoupclient.

What’s the rationale for not using libmediasoupclient and instead mostly copying it into Kotlin? We (mediasoup authors) provide libraries for others to build applications on top of it.

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My fault, I told him to use Announcments category. Let’s use mediasoup libraries instead because topics in Announcements are closed after two days. Let’s discuss now stuff.


This project is libmediasoupclient porting.

Because libmediasoupclient depends on libwebrtc, version of libwebrtc cannot be easily changed.
(It takes a lot of time to build libwebrtc)

The aar library for Android is provided by


therefor can try a different version.

I wanted to try out the E2EE.

Then we should probably add some efforts on reducing the compilation times or getting libwebrtc pre-built binaries.

I strongly suggest keeping libmediasoupclient as a base for other libraries instead of creating new libmediasoupclient copies which will make it overall more difficult to maintain the whole ecosystem.

I agree that we must put efforts on the build system and try to provide pre-built libwebrtc binaries.

Also, we may have in libmediasoupclient multiple handlers for different libwebrtc versions the same way it’s done in mediasoup-client. Would that serve your purposes @crow-misia?

Because “libwebrtc(Java API)” and “librwebrtc used by libmediasoupclient” must be the same version, it is not easy to handle.

I agree that the library should be based on libmediasoupclient, since I can’t continue to maintain this project.

This enforces the fact that we may need to have multiple handlers so newer libwebrtc versions can be used before we find them stable. (we may start by keeping a more recent libwebrtc version).

This enforces the fact that libmediasoupclient should be re-used when possible.

Thanks a lot for your valuable comments.