Another user joins the room without seeing each other's videos

The server throws an error:

webrtc::FieldTrialParser::ParseFieldTrial() | Failed to read empty key field with value: 'Enabled' in trial: "Enabled,100"

No, the server does not throw any error, it’s just a log. We are aware of it.

Ok, so you don’t see the video of another user and automatically assume that such a log is the problem. No, sorry, you’d see the same error log even when things work fine.

This is the Leeryver Symptom (in Spanish “Leer-y-ver”, in English: “Read-and-see”):

“I never check the logs when things go ok so, when things are not ok I check the logs for first time and assume that the first warning/error log is the cause of the problem.”

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All right. Thank you for your reply. Let me check my configuration again

Do you have any new progress about this log?
I met the same problem.