AWS deployment tutorial

Can anyone guide how to deploy media soup on AWS.
Also how is it different from WebRTC as i am struggling with RTC from last 3 months.

Sorry, what? Are you asking about the “differences between WebRTC and mediasoup”?

Yes, how or whats the difference in media soup and normal webrtc live openvidu where iceserver created. The issue with normal webrtc that sometime call connects fine but sometimes no audio or video issues. I have tried no of services but all in vein. So if i use media soup whats the difference i will get and what about these no audio or video issues

Also please that FAQ’s wont tell all story how to deploy on AWS. Means any tutorial or steps to run media soup on aws, like i have created VPC on aws but what to install and what are the steps. Or any cloud formation process that media soup provide.

So you assume that some media servers will always work (no audio/video issues) and others won’t. Sorry, things don’t work that way. You must do your homeworks.

No detailed tutorial about how to deploy on AWS, sorry.