Black screen react-native-web-shim

I am using react-native-web-shim and expo web. I can get local stream to show but remote stream goes black. I can see all the streams (works perfect) when joining the room on the mediasoup-demo client but on react-native it does not seem to work. Here is the stackoverflow post for more info stack overflow post. My code is very similar to the demo client but with react-native and looking at webrtc-internals shows no errors like high packet loss or anything. Has anyone had this problem or has created a good mediasoup demo with expo web & react-native-web-shim thanks

I would just assume auto-play issues and not being compliant given the internals state there’s transfer but no action on client’s part.

Thank you for the reply. Do you have a solution in mind because on localstream it auto plays just fine

If webrtc-internals suggests the consumed stream is transmitting but no action client side, apply some fixes.

Google Chrome Auto-Play Policy and Safari; as well as potential fixes. This could be website needs first interaction before auto-play can occur or allowing permissions depending on platform/OS.

You were not specific but here’s some auto-play links to maybe help, if this is not the issue more details are required.

These policies get quite annoying, I run an app that can be accessible via browser any device and it’s quite the hack to make it all work so users can be heard upon room entry. So do reference the links that’s assuming your transmission is correct and it’s a client limitation. :slight_smile: Cheers.

LOL very true it is quite the hack anyway still working on it. I have got something working LOL seems that a rewrite of the roomClient somewhat fixed it