!broadcaster.data.rtpCapabilities is for producer or consumer

I am working my through the mediasoup api, using the demo as a reference.
I have got ffmpeg and gstreamer examples working as a producers, but when trying to connect a gstreamer producer to gstreamer consumer, the API response is getting an error message that is not specific.

following the docs https://mediasoup.org/documentation/v3/communication-between-client-and-server/#consuming-media-in-an-external-endpoint the steps for the consumer I am doing are

#create the producer video stream and get producerId
res=$(${HTTPIE_COMMAND}  \
	POST ${SERVER_URL}/rooms/${ROOM_ID}/broadcasters/${BROADCASTER_ID}/transports/${videoTransportId}/producers \
	kind="video" \
	rtpParameters:="{ \"codecs\": [{ \"mimeType\":\"video/vp8\", \"payloadType\":${VIDEO_PT}, \"clockRate\":90000 }], \"encodings\": [{ \"ssrc\":${VIDEO_SSRC} }] }" \

eval "$(echo ${res} | jq -r '@sh "myProducerId=\(.id)"')"
# -----------
# ${myProducerId} used below in consumer
# ----------

#create a broadcaster
	POST ${SERVER_URL}/rooms/${ROOM_ID}/broadcasters \
	displayName="rxname" \
	device:='{"name": "rx"}'

#create plain transport
	POST ${SERVER_URL}/rooms/${ROOM_ID}/broadcasters/${BROADCASTER_ID}/transports \
	type="plain" \
	comedia:=true \
	rtcpMux:=false \
	2> /dev/null)

#eval the response andf get the details
eval "$(echo ${res} | jq -r '@sh "videoTransportId=\(.id) videoTransportIp=\(.ip) videoTransportPort=\(.port) videoTransportRtcpPort=\(.rtcpPort)"')"

#generate the consumer
    POST ${SERVER_URL}/rooms/${ROOM_ID}/broadcasters/${BROADCASTER_ID}/transports/${videoTransportId}/consume \

this however throws an error from


if (!broadcaster.data.rtpCapabilities)
			throw new Error('broadcaster does not have rtpCapabilities');

So my question is, what does this broadcaster refer to, the producer or the consumer?

after some trial and error, I believe in my case this is reference to the consumer as I did not find a reference in the created producer

example of producer

	POST ${SERVER_URL}/rooms/${ROOM_ID}/broadcasters \
	displayName="Broadcaster" \
	device:='{"name": "GStreamer"}'

example of consumer

POST ${SERVER_URL}/rooms/${ROOM_ID}/broadcasters \
	displayName="rxname" \
	device:='{"name": "rx"}' \