Broadcasting pattern for many-to-many

Hello everyone! I would like to organize a many-to-many broadcast, this means that I will have several sources with video recordings that can be watched by several users at the same time, but there may also be one viewer.

  1. Does the one-to-many broadcast description from the documentation apply to my case or should I use a separate router for each individual broadcast, as is the case in your demo project?

> “In this scenario, a single broadcaster endpoint (or a few of them) produce audio and video and the server backend stream the media to hundreds or thousands of viewers in real-time (no delay).”

  1. In the documentation you also indicate that:

> “A viewer may eventually loose video packets so would request packet retransmission to mediasoup. Retransmissions are handled per transport (they do not reach the broadcaster endpoint) so there is no limitation here.”

So does this mean that I should also use a separate set of transports for each viewer? In my case, webRTC transport will be used to transmit the broadcast to the browser, as well as pipe transport to transfer the broadcast from one server to another (before giving it to the client)