Camera orientation at random has user flipped upside down.

Only started noticing this recently and not entirely sure what’s entirely happening. Has something changed with WebRTC or anything of the sort?

I currently use version 3.10.8 for the servers and the client I am not entirely sure at the moment but can check.

I’m not sure what could be causing this yet as it just started happening recently. I’ll have to see which browsers/etc they’re on but if any opinions that’s what’s up.

I haven’t had this issue in 2+ years so unsure what’s happening if this helps any, it’s randomly happening now.

The issue is a user on a normal device assumed to positioned up-right comes in flipped upside down and it tends to happen with laggy users in general but could be wrong, have yet to see it on one of my fluid streamers. I’ve not changed anything to my setup in a while I don’t know if this is a client issue, if I need to update/etc. I think it happens every odd hour now.

This describes a past bug in Firefox browser. Maybe see if you can track browser make and version, in addition to device. Possibly it’s browser related.

If I recall, mobile browsers use device orientation to determine camera track orientation.

It didn’t happen enough, the few times I caught it, they were on desktops. It appears browsers do adjustment and these things can break but they fix it; Chrome was brought up. I don’t really see the issue anymore at the moment.

Could wonder however from a back-end developer what would cause this? Is this client or back-ends fault?

It is definitely from client side, either some issue from browser, haven’t see this type of issue by the way. The other possible reason can be that some people use streaming softwares, like OBS studio, to customise stream so may be their softwares are causing this problem.

Going to blame it on Chrome. I’m not seeing it anymore, was just odd. I thought they were trolling me haha…

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haha, may be they want this thing as a feature :stuck_out_tongue:

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