Can I pass the consume.track to another mediasoup?

I am using mediasoup-client-aiortc, i don’t know how to deal with consumer.track, i want to forward consumer.track, i don’t know if it is ok?

First of all, please indicate why you want to pass the consumer track to another mediasoup. What are you willing to achieve?

Tracks in mediasoup-client-aiortc are instances of FakeMediaStreamTrack fake-mediastreamtrack.

Audio and Video stays in the Python worker…, it is not delivered to Node in any case. Right now you can produce audio given the exposed constrains here. This is, you can generate media from a camera, mic, file and URL. When it comes to consuming, the media you are consuming is received in the Python worker and we are not handing it. We plan to add the ‘recording’ feature which will let you record the incoming data into a file, device, URL (this is something to be defined).

Thank you for your reply!
Mainly want to forward the MediaStream received by mediasoup-client-aiortc. For example, let ffmpeg or gstreamer receive this video stream.

No matter they are fake tracks, mediasoup-client-aiortc can consume a real audio/video track and produce it into the same mediasoup Router or a different one.

Just take the consumer.track and use it una transport.produce() call.

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So true! I’ve replied before having the morning coffee…, not good.

Thank you very much, I have successfully tested!