Can mediasoup cpp project be compiled and interoped with c# code ?

My question is as the title says. I want to use call mediasoup code from within a C# application. Can this be done.

It’d require a C++/CLI Wrapper and a defined C# API. It could certainly be done with good understanding of mediasoup. If you’re capable of writing this, I’d say the floor is yours there; otherwise I would say the developers are a bit busy with personal life and minor/major updates outside this goal.

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I am willing to put in the effort. But I’ll need some alignment. I am new to the concept of interoperability and C++. I’ve also come across this repository GitHub - albyho/Tubumu.Mediasoup and I am wondering if this could serve as a base or launching point to speed things up.

Also found these blog posts by the same guy.

Yet they are in chineese.

Also I came by SWIG and C#
but unfortunately I can’t make sense of mediasoup’s build process.