can we increase and decrease life video streams according to network connection?

We use media soup for online conference so we need to decrease or increase the media quality according to network connection.
how to handle this?

I’m sure there are some ways you could do this manually in your code, but I’m not experienced with that. What you probably want to do instead is use simulcast (or SVC depending on the codec you are using). This lets you send multiple quality video streams for each participant’s connection. The browser will then use bandwidth estimation (and other metrics) to decide what layer of the stream to use based on available conditions.

Anything outside Simple could have some overhead, I lock people in around 300,000; but future development would allow rooms to specifically set their bitrates.

You Can use at least 3 different options to handle video quality when producing.
below is the snippet code you can use in mediasoup client.

const params = { track }
params.encodings = [
{ rid: ‘r0’, maxBitrate: 100000},
{ rid: ‘r1’, maxBitrate: 300000 },
{ rid: ‘r2’, maxBitrate: 900000 }
params.codecOptions = { videoGoogleStartBitrate: 1000 }