Change producer of transport in server-side

I am trying to make a live broadcast session that has a teacher an a group of students listening . I should be recording the session using FFMEG. the library is very great many thanks for the huge effort you made :slight_smile:
I planned to upgrade the implementation to let one participant from the students to raise hand and participate with the trainer. it is very easy in term of streaming but my problem is with recording process (FFMPEG). I need to record everything so I used 2 plainRtpTransports with 2 consumers (teacher and participant) to feed FFMPEG. at the start of the recording I duplicated the teacher transport and consumer and give the duplicate for partipant transport and consumer. I intended to that until he comes to particpate and do something like changing the duplicate plainRtp consumer by the student producer instead of the initial trainer producer. I closed the plainRtp consumer and made a second plainRtp consumer on the student producer but it failed
how can I do something like that while keeping ffmpeg recording ?
Many thanks in advance