closing client connection with server.

My integration of mediasoup working fine with React.
What I can’t figure out closing the connection properly with server so that I can end call.

This topic makes no sense. Please, make a clear question.

What I meant is I am implementing end call button but don’t know how to close a connection with mediasooup server.

Call close on both mediasoup client AND server side consumer and (potentially) producer.

See the docs:

Then close the transport(s) if you don’t need them anymore:

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It’s even better to just close transports. Profucers and Consumers are automatically closed if their transports are closed.

@ibc But doesn’t it will destroy whole room?

Why? I mean: close the client side and server side transports of the “peer” / “participant” you want to close, that’s all.

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OK. got it.

hi, I close producer and consumer and sendTransfer and recvieTransfer but ice connection state in connected
how to remove this connection completely?