Connect to online demo server with mediasoup-broadcaster-demo

I’ve built mediasoup-broadcaster-demo with vs2017, windows 10.
but, when I run a broadcaster.exe, failed to connect server.

After debugging the source code, I noticed that error code is returned like below.

auto r = cpr::GetAsync(cpr::Url{ baseUrl }).get();

message=“SSL certificate problem: unable to get local issuer certificate”

What is the reason?
Please help me.

Have you correctly set your SSL certificates in the config file?

So, Dirvann, where is the config file, and how can I set SSL certificates?
Could you explain me in detail?

How can I compile the instruction in main() on windows.


Is it possible to run mediasoup-broadcaster-demo in windows 10?

SSL certificates are handled in the server side. If you are using mediasoup-demo make sure you read the readme file.

I’ve built mediasoup-broadcaster-demo with vs2017, windows 10.

Apparently yes.

Ok, Thanks.
But what about the compile error with sigsuspend()?
How can I solve this problem?

error C3861: ‘sigsuspend’: identifier not found

Try the latest commit which does not use sigsuspend

Thank you very much!
jmillan, I’ve build project using latest version.

But while running it fails.

[INFO] creating Broadcaster…
[INFO] creating mediasoup send WebRtcTransport…
[ERROR] ‘sctpParameters’ missing in response
[INFO] creating mediasoup recv WebRtcTransport…
[ERROR] ‘sctpParameters’ missing in response
[INFO] press Ctrl+C or Cmd+C to leave…

How can I solve this problem?
Thank you.

You need to update the mediasoup-demo project, which was updated.

Was a online demo server also updated?

It’s now updated.

Thank you.
I’ve some questions.
Are there two online demo servers for a web client app and a c++ app?

Is it possible to connect to demo server with both web client and c++ client?
And what about creating a consumer to web client’s producer in c++ client?

It’s a single web server. BTW please use your own deployment instead of using our demo server. It’s just for demo purposes, we may shutdown it at any time, and it costs us money based on traffic.

Ok, I’m sorry

But Is it impossible to consume other peer’s producer(mediasoup-demo) in my app based libmediasoupv3?

I’ve already make mediasoup server on the cloud and using my own.

The web application is the same in our deployment and in yours. I don’t know what to say, sorry.

Of course it’s possible. But mediasoup-broadcaster-demo is just a demo for a specific use example and does not do what you look for. You need to do it yourself.