Consuming/Recording A/V streams individually

Hi there,
I’ve created an application that joins a room (using mediasoup-demo) in headless mode using Selenium. It has to be the consumer of all peers. After joining the room, I’m going to proceed with a data processing on single streams.
How would you record and download the individual streams of all the peers connected to the room?

You will consume in headless in the same way you consume normally in your web app i.e ask server to give you the list of streams in room then you can loop through them and create all the transports and then consume from them.

By now you will have the streams individually now you can process them as you like. As for recording all of them in single video you will have to use html canvas and draw all those video streams on canvas In a grid form or whatever design you like then you can capture single stream from canvas and use media recorder API available in browsers to record that single canvas stream.

Let’s be sneaky…

User can record their session and submit it without need of a server performing such task. Such is up to your development.