Contractor/Consultant available for hire

I’m glad to offer general advice on mediasoup, and am available for contract/consulting work.

Sometimes you just need a brief chat to set your thinking right. This stuff is kinda hard after all, and I enjoy participating in this developer space.

I can help develop the scope of work so that other contractors can fulfill the technical work translated from your idea onto paper. I can also do the work, if its decided I am the best one to do it.

Most of the issues with mediasoup I have come across are due to people getting confused about what ingress/egress means, what a pipetransport is, and the difference between webrtc and what mediasoup does. – If any of those questions sound particularly painful in your project, send me an email. :slight_smile:

My resume is at

Thanks for reading!


Recently consulted with James to tackle some of our problems with scaling our current mediasoup project, and I genuinely can’t recommend him enough! James was quick at identifying issues and suggesting solutions - he also went the extra mile to advise on improvements that could be made, which would greatly improve reliability and reduce bottlenecks in performance.

I really appreciated that James was always patient and happy to pass on his knowledge, explaining concepts in detail. As a bonus, he’s got a great sense of humour and is a clear communicator, which just made working with him an enjoyable experience.

Look forward to working with James again!

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OffTopic: @ibc could make it sense to add a sticky thread in this subforum, so we can list our Mediasoup Expert freelance services, like this one? :slight_smile:

Something I learnt in the past is to not create or promote list of things that I cannot control. Content may get outdated at any time. I think there are better places to announce or expose professional services.


Make sense, maybe in some time somebody on the list could get out of business, so the list gets filled with garbage. Maybe better aproach is just being active in the forums and “make noise”.