Create sendTransport for produceData

Hello everyone! I wanna create send transport only for chat, It’s mean I don’t need to make producer on client, I made only produceData, but I got error. Is it possible to create only produceData without produce? Thanks a lot!

What’s the error?

But if you only want to send data for a chat, then why not just use simple sockets? It achieves the same thing. If you would add video/audio I would understand but with chat only I don’t see the necessity.

sorry, It was my mistake. yesterday it didn’t work, but today it does) Yestarday was problem, I couldn’t get event “connect”, but when I made produce, I got it. And today I removed produce and only produceData add. It works) Anyway, thanks

'cause I use mediasoup demo, there is use datachannel for chat. That’s why I don’t want to change it.

Then why did you create the topic in mediasoup-library category?

I couldn’t create producerData and get “connect” event. If I understand right, It’s all about mediasoup-client.

Well, you “couldn’t so this is a bug in mediasoup-client”, right? Please, take your time and expose the problem properly, not just two-line comments telling that “it does not work”.