DataChannel implemented!

Hi all,

mediasoup v3 includes now DataChannel support via the new DataProducer and DataConsumer handlers in both mediasoup and mediasoup-client and the new methods transport.produceData() and transport.consumeData().

  • mediasoup implements WebRTC DataChannels, this is: SCTP streams on top of DTLS on top of UDP/TCP.
  • mediasoup also implements pure SCTP protocol on top of plain UDP (for PlainRtpTransport and PipeTransport). This makes it possible to interact with SCTP messages (in and out) in server side.
    • Check the mediasoup-demo Bot which uses the node-sctp module to send and receive SCTP messages into/from a mediasoup router (just type @bot xxxxx in the new text input in the demo application to communicate with the server side bot).

Test it online at

Related commits and merges


  • The documentation has been updated.
  • DataChannel is available in mediasoup and mediasoup-client 3.2.0 NPM versions.

Congratulations :smiley::muscle::cake:

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