Deadlock in SendTransport::Produce


When i call SendTransport::Produce, the function never return. Transport::Listener::OnConnect, is never fired.
If i try to debug, I can see that the program is stopped in the file Handler.cpp, in the function SendHandler::Send on line :
webrtc::RtpTransceiverInterface* transceiver = this->pc->AddTransceiver(track);

I have read and read again the doc all the day, i don’t know what i’m doing wrong. I have no problem with javascript client.

Lots of thanks to the team, Mediasoup is a really great library.


Are you using the documented version of libwebrtc?
Have you modified libmediasoupclient by any means?
Have you enabled the libwebrtc logs? check this example

Thanks a lot for your help. I’d missed the example. This sample is very useful.