Delete Account

How can I delete my discorse account? the option is not in settings.

Yes the option is not visible, you will have to contact mediasoup team specifically to delete your account.

how do i do that?

You may have to contact @ibc for this purpose. Why you want to delete it? If you don’t want to use it you can leave it as it is.

I’ve changed some settings and you should be able to delete your account now.

@ibc I am still unable to see the option to delete my account.

Now I must also become expert in Discourse app. Deleting your account manually.

I hope someone else could investigate how to allow users in Discourse forums delete their accounts. I didn’t write Discourse.

There is an article here:

I think it have something to do with max posts etc, if we change that as mentioned in the docs, it should work.

Also there are some categories where ‘Mark Solution’ is not available, can you enable that as well?

I’ve deactivated your account, @anovikov1984.