Disable My own Audio in group chat

In group chat, I am able to listen my own audio in the headset while taking, It should only be heard by other persons in the group chat. Could you please tell me how do I disable it?

If you use a local MediaStream containing both audio and video track, you should make the video tag of local MediaStream muted. (<video muted> </video> or <video volume=0></video> ?)
I am using separated two MediaStreams and each MediaStream contain only one track.
Then I make audio tag (<audio>) play the audio MediaStream and video tag (<video>) play video MediaStream.
If there are 4 remote peers, there will be 5 video tags for each remote peers and a local peer, and 4 audio tags just for remote peers.

I can not say this is the best way to manage videos and audios in browser.

Probably you are consuming your own audio track (producer).