Does Gstreamer rtprtxqueue impact Mediasoup BWE negatively?


In every example I’ve found, notably including the amazing mediasoupbin plugin by @vpalmisano, the Gstreamer pipeline uses rtprtxqueue for nack retransmission (example pipeline here).

The rtprtxqueue documentation states that it is NOT RFC4588 compliant, as retransmitted packets have the same ssrc and payload type as the original stream, contrary to proper RTX rtprtxsend.

rtprtxqueue is simple to use within gst-launch pipeline, whereas rtprtxsend requires to be plugged to rtx-aux-sender signal, which can only be done in C or Python.

Would you have any idea whether the retransmitted packets may perturbate the BWE (BandWidth Estimation) on the client-side, as they might seem to arrive very late, and therefore cause some bandwidth drop?