Encrypted Alert disconnect

I have an audio-only (opus) setup where a user is talking and protoo messages are exchanged… Everything is going well and then just suddenly, the user is disconnected. Other users are fine AFAIK.

Wireshark shows that the server send a TLS Encrypted Alert followed by FIN. Mediasoup server is 3.6.16

Enabled dtls logging on all the workers, but there is no useful information other than:
WebRtcTransport “dtlsstatechange” event [dtlsState:closed]

Any ideas on how to resolve / troubleshoot this?


mediasoup server side does not send DTLS Close Alert to the endpoint unless:

  • you call webRtcTransport.close() in server side, or
  • you call transport.close() in client side so the endpoint sends DTLS Close to mediasoup and mediasoup sends a DTLS Close back to the endpoint.
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Thanks! That helps.

Our client and server logs show that it is not calling either from our code. Does the mediaserver code call transport.close() under any other conditions that we should investigate.

Just if you call router.close() or worker.close()

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