Hi everyone, I am having this weird error that I couldn’t find where is coming from. I could track that is triggered while trying to create a producer sendTransport.produce() but couldn’t go further as the error is pointing to some library code.

I built a simple demo app to make an audio call with many users and it worked fine, I did it to get familiar before implementing it on my work. Now I am trying to add an audio channel to my multi user WebXR App (I’ll share more details when it’s done :)) following my own steps but I am stuck here. Triple checked everything but I just couldn’t find why this is happening.

Any hint or help is highly appreciatted :slight_smile:

This property is described via Object.defineProperties without writable: true somewhere.

In case someone comes here with the same error, I figured out the problem was that the Transport Params were coming from my Redux Store, so that object was immutable and apparently when the Producer was created the role had to be internally/automatically changed from “auto” to “client” and it was making it crash because of the immutability from the original object/variable.