Failed to set remote audio description send parameters

I am testing mediasoup sdk for mobile, org.mediasoup.droid:mediasoup-client:3.0.8-beta-3.
When other participants connect to the app, I am consistently getting the following error:
org.mediasoup.droid.MediasoupException: Session error code: ERROR_CONTENT. Session error description: Failed to set remote audio description send parameters…
This comes as a result of calling RecvTransport.nativeConsume method.

I have found this happens consistently only on arm7a architecture devices. Any arm64 device where I have tested the app is just works flawlessly. Sharing desktop/mobile session works just fine.
The armv7a device sends video, but does not receive any video/audio from other participants.

Also, where mediasoup client fails to work, other RTC enabled clientes like jitsi, or my custom janus videoroom plugin seem to work just fine.

Any help would be highly appreciated.

I have fixed this issue by upgrading to the latest webrtc libraries.

I compiled to armv7a and arm64 flawlessly.
Mediasoup native client library, minor breaking API changes. For once, needs to be compiled with c++14, std::regexp does not support temporary strings anymore, and some minor breaking changes in webrtc::RtpEncodingParameters struct.

Other than that, the new WebRTC libraries seem to have fixed the problem with armv7a devices.

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@haiyangwu, is mediasoup-client-android using the lastest libmediasoupclient version?

Yes (but not today’s newly released one).
Other than that, I found a fix myself as described. Using fresh compiled WebRTC libraries to the latest version fixed it.
Had a couple minor things to fix though. Android always needs some more love, you know…