FFMPEG RTP live stream into a web app

I am having issues getting a RTP stream from ffmpeg. I followed all of the examples and guidelines on https://mediasoup.org/documentation/v3/communication-between-client-and-server/, however once I try to consume the PlainRtpTransport on the client side the promise rejects with the error “no active media section found”.

What I am doing is basically creating stream of a virtual desktop to the mediaserver to be displayed in a webapp which users can control the mouse and be able to watch videos or w/e with eachother however I am stuck getting the actual stream on the page.

My Code:


ffmpeg -s 1280x768 -f x11grab -i :0 -map 0:v:0 -vcodec libx264 -preset fast -tune zerolatency -s 1280x768 -f tee "[select=v:f=rtp:ssrc=22222222:payload_type=102]rtp://"

You should not use “” as WebRtcTransport listenIps. Browsers do not allow media in UDP localhost.

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