Get raw UDP packet

Hello, I am trying to make a media server that supports custom udp packets, for example “01 00 00”. However I cannot find a way to access any raw socket for receiving, or getting any non-webrtc related packets in.

You can access RTP packets with direct transport, please check the documentation

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But how do I do that in mediasoup v3?
Because i’m fairly sure that mediasoup drops “invalid packets” that aren’t media.
But I also need these “corrupted packets” to come through

Hm, if you need to work with unsupported packets then probably mediasoup isn’t the right tool.

You can not use mediasoup for that.

your udp packets have to rtp/rtcp first, then use mediasoup’s transport objects…

but you can in fact implement a udp packet receiver very easily in nodejs, so that’s not a problem