Getting an error on client demo [_joinRoom() failed:Error: 500]

anyone could tell me how to resolve error below

mediasoup-demo:ERROR:RoomClient _joinRoom() failed:Error: 500
at Peer._handleResponse (Peer.js:340)
at WebSocketTransport. (Peer.js:272)
at emitOne (events.js:113)
at WebSocketTransport.emit (events.js:191)
at WebSocketTransport.safeEmit (EnhancedEventEmitter.js:25)
at WebSocket._ws.onmessage (WebSocketTransport.js:213) +0ms

The README says:

NOTE: To be perfectly clear, “customize it for your scenario” is not something “optional”. If you don’t set proper values in config.js the application won’t work .

Those “proper values” include a proper and valid TLS certificate for the HTTP and WebSocket connection. It’s up to you how to get it.

If it’s just about initial/general testing you can start Chrome with the following flag:
It will allow Websocket connections from self-signed certificates and therefore work with the default package. That’s given the websocket connection is the only issue of course, you still need to have the proper IPs etc. in place.

I was not configuring the config file properly.
Thankyou @ibc for quick support

From my experience, check your PORT configuration, and also check your server logging, whether there’s port allocation failed, if so just make the min and max value at a more valid range. May it help you.