graying out of the remote video

Hi, I have a problem similar to remote video sometimes becomes gray
I cant say I’ve fully read and understood the docs, might have missed something, but that happens when consumer.on('layerschange') event fires with both spartialLayers and temporalLayers as null.
But that is how far my knowledge goes, so I was hoping you could point me at where else to look. I am running the demo with configurations still at default.
I suspect my network, but the problem reoccur even when running on LAN.


You are looking for the Consumer layerschange event documentation. It explicitly says under which conditions this event fires and in what kind of consumers.

Which browser and version and everything?

consumer.on(“layerschange”) fires with null. consumer.paused and consumer.producerPaused are both false. So it is probably to do with bandwidth.
I am just wondering why it is happening in LAN.
I also noted that sometimes the browser’s CPU usage can increase, which then results in the graying.
I am testing on Firefox 74 and Chrome 80.

Please, specify in which exact scenario it happens. Two Firefox? Two Chrome? One and one? Who does receive “gray” video?

Those are too many tabs depending on your CPU power. And you still don’t say which browser gets gray/frozen video. That’s expected anyway.