How scalable is mediasoup?

Im building a product using mediasoup. SO far, I’m having no troubles in the development and everything is going great. However, lets say that a year from launch, I would need to support a million users. Is mediasoup a viable option for this requirement ? To be more specific, the “scalability” section in the documents mentions “~500 consumers”. Is this number an approximation per core/worker or per router? If its is per router, what is a general number of routers I can spawn per worker without performance degradation? Is there an open source/free alternative to mediasoup for these scalability requirements? Im not hoping of course to meet these requirements in a single server, but I was mainly wondering how much of the scalability on mediasoup would rely on horizontal scaling.

That’s easily accomplished, it all comes down to code and routing abilities. Scalability is up to your design.

There are no examples but I do personally have write-ups on my producer/consumer servers to help users scale. Now this is just pseudo but it should help do track it down.