how to assign codec when use libmediasoupclient

I know how to change codec when i use mediasoupclient in js.
but i do not know how to assign codec when use libmediasoupclient. I found that it always use the first supported codec . so how to assign it?

It’s not yet implemented in libmediasoupclient

Is there a plan to implement it? I use mediasoupclientlib implement a remotedesktop which like google remote desktop. it run as a window service.
I want to make a settings called change codec on setting panel to make my app looks more professional.

If there is no plan , could you give me some tips about how to implements it by myself.
thank you very much

This is implemented in mediasoup-client in JavaScript so, if you want to contribute, you can adapt such a missing code in C++ (code logic should be exactly the same).

Oka,Thank you for reply. I will try to find the missing code.