Huge video delay when simulcasting on bw-restricted network


we are evaluating mediasoup-demo in a following scenario:

1 - mac - chrome 84 (video sender)
2 - mac - chrome 84 (bw unlimited receiver)
3 - win chrome 84 (bw-restricted receiver)

when we restricted bw on 3 we saw fast and pretty good bwe and bw-adaptation dropping through simulcast spatial and temporal layers, but we also got a huge video delay on all layers between 15-30 seconds. Is this how it is intended to work by design or perhaps there are some settings that we can tweak to get buffering to a reasonable (1-2 secs levels)? (Meanwhile 2 was receiving max quality and no video delay as expected.)

Please advise! Thanks!

Honestly I’ve never seen a 15-30 seconds video delay when restricting BW.