I have 3 encodings quality simulcast, but I got only 2

Hello, thanks a lot for mediasoup! I have a question
My video resolution is 640x480, and I use simulcast with 3 different qualities

{ maxBitrate: 400000, scaleResolutionDownBy: 1, rid: “r0”, active: true, },
{ maxBitrate: 200000, scaleResolutionDownBy: 2, rid: “r1”, active: true, },
{ maxBitrate: 100000, scaleResolutionDownBy: 4, rid: “r2”, active: true, },

But really server got only 2! And I see here chrome://webrtc-internals/ that 3rd quality doesn’t send!

Not a mediasoup related question. That’s how the libwebrtc encoder works. Increase your gUM resolution to get 3 streams.