Introducing MediaSFU

:rocket: Introducing MediaSFU - Empowering Developers with Advanced Streaming Capabilities! :rocket:

Attention mediasoup developers! :rotating_light: We’re thrilled to unveil MediaSFU - your go-to solution for cutting-edge streaming features and cloud recording at a commercial level. :movie_camera::sparkles:

Key Technical Advancements:

:video_camera: Commercial Level Recording for mediasoup Users: Dive into the intricacies of cloud recording with MediaSFU’s robust capabilities. Seamlessly integrate and record your mediasoup streams in the cloud, complete with advanced functionalities like pausing and resuming. Fine-tune your recording experience with unparalleled flexibility.

:briefcase: Highly Scalable Rooms Supporting 3000 Concurrent Producers and Consumers: Engineered to meet the demands of large-scale streaming applications, MediaSFU boasts highly scalable rooms that support up to 3000 concurrent producers and consumers. Perfect for dynamic and interactive environments, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.

Ready to optimize your streaming architecture? :rocket:

Explore the technical prowess of MediaSFU:

Join us on this technical adventure and unlock the full potential of your streaming applications! :mag::hammer_and_wrench:

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Can you please elaborate more on the horizontal and vertical scaling support and what is the spin up time for new instances to serve the audience?

Can you shed some light on why it has this up to 3000 producers, consumers limitation?

Is this also available for in-house deployment?

Scaling and Deployment Overview

Horizontal Scaling Support

MediaSFU offers only horizontal scaling to meet your streaming demands. Your event room is hosted across dedicated producing-only servers and consuming-only servers, ensuring efficient resource allocation. The consuming-only servers spin up their sub-consuming servers if needed.

Spin-Up Time for New Instances

The spin-up time for new instances, on average, takes approximately 2 to 2.5 minutes. We prioritize reliability and instant deployment by maintaining a substantial number of backup servers.

Limitations on Producers and Viewers

To ensure optimal performance and resource management, our platform imposes certain limitations. A single producer (broadcast) can reach up to 500,000 viewers, while the platform supports a maximum of 3000 concurrent video producers.

Deployment Model

MediaSFU is currently offered as a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution. In-house deployment options are not available at this time.