Just curious why `appData` is read-only

I was modifying some code recently and wanted to track some changes over a user’s session in a consumer’s appData and then signal those changes down to the client. I can modify appData fields just fine, but I can’t set a new value and was just wondering why, since it’s entire purpose is to hold my own app specific data. On the server side it was no problem because I know what fields in the object I am modifying, but on the client I wanted to just do something like:

consumer.appData = {...consumer.appData, ...newAppData}

I found workarounds for this of course… but it got me wondering if they were actually a good idea or not.

No special reason being honest. We should allow the app to set a new appData. Please create feature request in mediasoup, mediasoup-client and libmediasoupclient (we are not super busy fixing important stuff).