Loggin and Metrics

Does anyone have an OOTB dashboard or method they are using to monitor their mediasoup environments? I am currently running all my services in a docker container and want to make sure I get better visibility besides the docker logging library.

In all honesty, I run about 100 servers and don’t want to monitor them. Initial development I watched CPU/bandwidth usage and logged for errors. In full production mode it’s assumed no server will ever overload or exceed its bandwidth without issues. Now if I wanted some dashboard or monitor solution my host usually can provide that without cost to my server cpu and I can use the API to reference this.

If left without an API or metrics, you could build your own but I would suggest making a metrics server to handle requests you could send back getStats or anything you want via process and neatly present it via HTTP server privately.

There’s no real good answer here and an OOTB dashboard won’t exist (just yet or perfect to your needs). No one has designed such solution for mediasoup but potentially a good idea, I was considering making a metrics server to admin clusters/etc. Though not necessary could help development for others. Busy with house renovations but this could be something I may introduce or another user depending.

For now you can try Prometheus and similar solutions.