Looking for MediaSoup developer

Hey there, we are looking for a mediasoup developer. If you are available, pls msg here w/your skype id.

It would be nice to have a more detailed description on what exactly you are trying to implement.

Sure, a page similar to this:


but in Angular. We actually have quite a bit of the code written and we are looking for someone to help us do some troubleshooting, and then extend what we have.

Hi barryk…

We have been developing an application on angular 5… Would like to hear more on this. May be i can provide some help

Hi Barry,

Our consulting team has been building webrtc solutions based on Mediasoup for the last couple of years. We have been building Angular apps since pre Angular 1.0. I would be happy to discuss supporting your team to get your product done. Please reach out to us on our website if you would like to discuss this more.

Best Regards,

James Pellow

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Definitely want to talk to you, Madabhaviamit. How can I reach you? Skype?

Great, James, I will.

Hi barry,

U can email me the details on email address ‘madabhaviamit@gmail.com’. I will look into it and then provide you with my google duo number.

Amit M

ok will do

it is sent

I’m sorry, it looks like our email provider changed a feature that broke our contact us form recently. If you sent something via the web form, I lost it. I really apologize! I’ll continue watching for your email.


I did send by form. Let me try the direct email.

I don’t see any email on site, I will try giving a call later today.

Hey Barry,

Thanks for your persistence! I apologize for the inconvenience. We stay pretty busy so we don’t typically do any marketing. As a result, our website has been a bit neglected. The phone number on the site is correct, and I should be available through the day. If you prefer, the contact us web form is now operational as well. I look forward to talking with you!


Hi! I needed a developer to help me make a Video conferencing application that is modern (Like Zoom) with no needing of accounts and has mobile apps

If you could help me with it you can contact me by:

Skype: ayush.kurian

Discord:Allen K.#0635

What’s your budget like @allenkurian

Please open a new topic for this subject instead of replying to an existing and not related one.

Will do Thank you sorry about that :slight_smile: