Looking for Mediasoup experts at Bramble/Artery

Hi All!

My name’s Zach Goldstein, I’m the director of engineering at a company called Artery (https://artery.is/) building Bramble (https://www.bramble.live/). We’re using mediasoup for all of the video conferencing in the application.

In Bramble our focus is on facilitating large groups (100+) of people to fluidly move around a 2D space and communicate with others that are nearby in that space. Our goal is to be able to support increasingly large numbers of people in this format, and we’re constantly working on refining how we use Mediasoup to support these larger events. We’re looking to speak with folks that have built systems using Mediasoup, with an eye towards a possible contract or full-time hire.

We’re particularly interested in folks that have some experience:

  • Building systems that connect large numbers of consumers and producers together
  • Connecting transports across pools of hosts
  • Constructing & analyzing tests that involve large numbers of clients

If this is of interest please reach out to me at zach@artery.is, would love to chat.

Also want to say a huge thanks to everybody on the forums here for the support and to the Mediasoup maintainers for releasing Mediasoup. Great piece of work for sure.