Media soup always returing last producer


I am trying to create multiroom boracast app.

I created a router from every room using room name trasnport id audio and video ids and consumers. I created a broadcast channel then i joined as viewer than i created an other one and i joined as viewer too here everything worked correctly.
Then i joined as a viewer in the first room media soup render the second room broadcast although i dispatched every room with here router and parameters.

I t

i got this error in the logs consume failed Error: Producer with id “xxxxxxx-xxxxxxx-xxxxxxx” not found.

Any ideas about this problem

The error states that the producer you are trying to consume from the specified router doesn’t exist on that router.

Something wrong with your signaling process like rooms getting mixed up etc. You might be asking router of room_1 to consume the producer from room_2.

Try putting console logs on your node server to make sure things are going to the right spot.

yes it was a problem with the router. When i tried to implement router.createWebRtcTransport i chose the wrong the router.

Glad it is resolved, marked the appropriate answer as solution.

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