mediasoup 3.13.20 released with server side ICE consent check and a critical fix

mediasoup 3.13.20 has been released and it comes with 2 important news:

Server side ICE consent check system

Thanks to this new feature, mediasoup can now detect abrupt client disconnections (for instance, when client’s network goes down) by monitoring received ICE consent requests sent from the WebRTC client. After 30 seconds of inactivity, the WebRtcTransport will emit icestatechange event with `iceState: ‘disconnected’.

Fix regression (crash) in transport-cc feedback generation

Critical regression that causes reliable crashes was introduced in version 3.13.18 so please update.


Thanks a lot for this change, does icestatechange triggers when ice state is ‘new’? I mean if someone attempted to create a transport and left it by accident, then it will cause a port leak

Great feature!

Or if someone creates a Producer or a Router or whatever by accident and leaves it open. Of course it will leaks until the parent entity is closed.

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