mediasoup 3.3.0 released

mediasoup 3.3.0 has been released. Among others, here the main changes:

  • Add support for Google transport-cc congestion control and bandwidth estimation (in sender and receiver sides).
  • Run in Windows (thanks Haiyang Wu for the Pull Request).
  • JavaScript layer rewritten to TypeScript with proper interfaces and types (thanks Micael Gallego for starting it).
  • Properly works with React-Native (mediasoup-client). Thanks Saúl.

Note that, in order to work with mediasoup 3.3.0, you need to also upgrade mediasoup-client to 3.3.0 (to properly enable transport-cc in both sides when supported by the underlying browser).

So the feature list grows:

Google transport-cc :part_alternation_mark:

It dramatically improves how mediasoup detects the receiver available bitrate and adapts sending video layers to accommodate to the network conditions.

New ‘packet’ event :scream:

NOTE: Renamed to “trace” event in mediasoup 3.3.3.

With mediasoup 3.3.0, your Node.js app can subscribe to ‘packet’ events of your choice in Producers, Consumers and Transports. Useful to do metrics about RTP packets, video keyframes, probation RTP, PLIs, FIR, NACK RTCP feedbacks, etc:

More stats :bar_chart:

transport.getStats() provides much more detailed information about sent/received bytes and bitrates (RTP, RTX, probation, etc).


Brilliant! Congratulations and thank-you very much!

Thank you very much

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