mediasoup android USB camera

Hi, all, i have a question . I wonder that whether the mediasoup client android demo can support to use the USB camera instead of the defaut cellphone camera in defaut or not . I guess some modifications are necessary. maybe I have to use libuvc.

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No device selector in the demo, but if you click on the icon close to the webcam icon it will select new available webcam device.


a litte bit confused . thank you , the demo maybe is designed to work on cellphone. My scenario is a android-based ioT system with a usbcamera . can i use the mediasoup-android demo to adapt it ?

thank you!!

USBcamera should use libUVC. maybe the cellphone camera interface is different from the USB camera but i did not know how and where I can modify the camera interface. thank you!! should u give me a hint?