Mediasoup application overload

I have configured mediasoup for my application. Everything works fine but there is one problem. When more than 10 people enter the room, they are simply thrown out and the video call ends. I already use several workers to the full, so I don’t think that I am using the maximum 1 processor core. 5 people for 1 worker. The load on the CPU is 25% when 1 worker who broadcasts to 5 people. The server has 8 cores. It is not clear why he throws people out of the room this way. I have a theory that my application and the media server are on the same server and the application lacks something and it throws out users. How true can this theory be? And I noticed when people are thrown out of the room, the client disconnects from the sockets and connects back. Help please

There must be some other issue. Even if you have 10 participants all with audio and video sent from everyone to everyone mediasoup will handle that on one core and will not kick anyone out, so you should look elsewhere unless you have logs to prove that this is caused by mediasoup.

Actually 10 people are not on 1 processor core. I indicated that on 1 processor core 5 people, when 6 people connect, a new worker is created that works on a new 2 processor core, then I connect them and it turns out 2 cores of 10 people. And I did not say that people are thrown out because of mediasoup. I cannot understand why such a problem occurs. And the question is how to tie the logs to mediasoup?

Well, you ask question on mediasoup forum and that implies you expect the issue is with mediasoup or caused by it, hence I’m asking for logs that made you think so.

I am facing similar issue, our application is using mediasoup + node js + 16 CPUs but not able to handle 15 1:1 concurrent sessions.
Server becomes unresponsive and participants get disconnected from the meetings.
All infrastructure i.e., CPU, Memory, I/O, Bandwidth, etc are way under control.
@Itachi - Did you find any solution / or root cause?

There seems to be something wrong with you application logic, mediasoup worker can handle all of this in one single worker. So do check you app logic, especially check your node server process how much cpu it is using. It might be killing the cpu core.